Monday, November 19, 2007


Well its Monday and my 4th semester is done. Its hard to believe its been 2 years sense I first showed up at Boyce College as a young shy freshman scared and uncertain about my calling into the ministry. Now two years have passed and I have changed so much. It is amazing to see were I was when I first came to Boyce verses were I am now. God has changed me in so many ways. I feel that I have moved away from milk and have moved onto solid foods. The main things God has taught me is patience! Waiting on God timing sense he knows best even though we think we know best and letting his will be done, not mine!

Even though I have come along ways I have along ways to go as Gods word continues to teach me and show me were I need to grow. I must fight the good fight and finish the race. Now that I am home there has been many distractions that have kept me from spending time in Gods word and in prayer with being home for the first time in 3 months. Distractions like Video Games! I have no papers to write, no chapters to read and no tests to study for. So I have spent a lot of time catching up on playing halo! Today I have made a stop to that! I have turned off the Xbox and unplugged it. I am making sure that Christ comes first. This morning I got up grabbed a notebook, pen and my apologetics study Bible and began reading in Ephesians, my favorite book of the Bible and began reading it and taking note and putting my thoughts on the verses, letting it soak into my mind and really meditating on it. On this blog I plan on posting some of my notes and thoughts on the word and of coarse other things that I find worth talking about.

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Phillip Demarest said...

This is a very noble venture of yours, however I do not agree that video games and these so called 'distractions' are as harmful as many Christians make them out to be. Perhaps the real problem lies in the idea of believers finding ultimate enjoyment in the video game as an ends, not as a means to enjoy God. God made the entire created order for man to enjoy, if television and technology is a part of that created order, than certainly it was God's intent for us to find pleasure in that. So what I'm trying to say is that Christ can come first even in the life of a video game player.
Another critique I have of this anti-entertainment mentality many believers have, is that we are not adequately preparing our youth to face the wiles of the world. If we shelter them and provide no exposure to these things, than college and/or the real world will be quite a shock, and they will not know how to handle these situations appropriately. Instead, I support the notion that Christian families should expose their children to potentially harmful forms of media through the lens of Christ. That way, when question arise, the parent is there prepared to explain the circumstance, instead of allowing the child to be exposed in a time of vulnerability.
Also, and this is a minor quarrel, spelling and grammatical errors make this entry difficult to skim through. Perhaps more attention to these points will make for a cleaner and better focused blog. Great start!