Friday, July 18, 2008

My Dark Knight Review

It's 3am. I just got out of the theater and what comes to mind is, " What A Breathtakingly, DARK Masterpiece on an EPIC SCALE!"

Before I rate this film I just want to say that I am a huge Batman fan! I grew up watching the first two batman movies with Michael Keaton as Batman and Jack Nicholson as the Joker. I wont mention the two other movies, Batman Forever and Batman an Robin. Horrible, childish movies! Then after that in the early 90’s I watched Batman the Animated series with Kevin Conroy voicing Batman and Mark Hamilton/Luke Skywalker, Voicing the Joker. Anyways! I was a big batman fan but I hated how the movie series became to childish and I later got hooked on to Spider-man and the Spider-man movies.

But! The Amazing director Chris Nolan raised Batman from the dead revamping the Batman movie series by creating Batman Begins! I thought it would be another let down. But Nolan took Batman back to its comic book roots and made it even better than the original two movies. With that said in Batman Begins at the end of the movie when Gordon pulled out a joker card showing Batman! Batman says, “I will look into it!” and the movie ends! I instantly had high expectations for the next film. Later when I found out that Heath Ledger was going to play the joker, I was unsure. Don’t get me wrong. I thought Heath Ledger was a brilliant actor just not Joker material! Then the first trailer came out and my mouth dropped! And thus I was proved wrong! After viewing the first trailer my expectations went from high to REALLY! REALLY high!

With that said I was hoping I would not be disappointed with the film with it being so hyped as much as it had been with all the viral marketing. Lets just say after the credits I sat speechless, tired, worn out by the 2 and half hours of intensity. I just stared at the end credits in Aww! I haven’t felt that way after watching a movie sense Return of the King or Revenge of the Sith. Even then I was more blown away and in aw of the DARK KNIGHT then in any other movie and that is not an overstatement. This goes beyond a comic book superhero movie and is unfair to put it in that category. This puts all Superhero movies including all three Spider-man movies to SHAME to the point that it would be hard to watching another superhero movie and see it the same way as the DARK KNIGHT! None would come close!
I also wanna say that all the actors where spot on with there performances. It really made you care for the characters. Oh! And Heath Ledger as the Joker is amazing! Even better than what the previews made it out to be. He will make you laugh at stuff that will make you stop and think, "Should I be laughing at that, it's a little evil!" Well not a little evil, very evil. You begin to love to hate the JOKER. In fact he is the evilest villain out of any movie I have seen. Put, Darth-Vader, Emperor Palpatine, a terrorist, an evil Jack Sparrow, Hannibal Lector, Mobster, Psychopath and Satan himself. Add them all together and you have the Joker. An when this man says he is going to kill someone believe him! He will do it! Heath is so good you forget it's even him in the movie. Very Oscar worthy.

This movie has some shocking events that happen that really make you feel bad for Bruce Wayne. Really bad. This movie isn't one of those campy predictable movies. Crap happens you don't see coming. Your like, "What the heck just happened! I didn't see that coming!" Its a wild ride that leaves you wanting more and I don't mean that in a bad way. I would feel bad for any director who is deciding to film a super hero movie right now because Nolan set the bar so high that I think that he is the only one who will be able to reach it. This is a classic that I will watch over and over! By far the best superhero movie of all time and darn close to being my favorite movie of all time but I would have to see it one more time in order to make that final judgment. BRING ON BATMAN 3 Mr. Nolan!

I give this movie easily 10 out of 10!

THE GOOD: Everything

THE BAD: The Joker and Two-FACE are pretty Bad @! That is.

THE UGLY: Two face is pretty ugly I turned my head hesitantly the first time I seen him. It looked so freaking real and gross!

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