Sunday, November 2, 2008


Two days till election day people. And it is sad that Americans are about to elect the most pro-choice or in reality the most "pro-genocide" man in the history of the presidency. I know, know! Y0u might say, "Roe vs. Wade will never be overturned so there is no point in fighting it so we should pick the candidate that is best on the economy."....that's another debate....see previous blog posts. Anyways it is far from the truth. pro-life presidents will choose pro-life judges and so forth. It may not be a touchdown for Pro-life but at least we are gaining yardage. Eventually if we have pro-life people in higher offices this culture of murder will change. For the fact that more programs will be available for pregnant women to realize it is a life and give her opportunities for adoption. Also when a women who wants an abortion sees that the baby is a human being through an ultrasound she is more and likely to change her mind and keep the baby. But many lawsuits from woman's rights groups are saying, "the new law endangers health, invades privacy and attacks woman's dignity."

What I want to know is were is the lawsuits to defend life by saying, "Abortion endangers the health of the baby, and invades its privacy." You wont because to many liberals are in charge. Also how could you vote for a person even if he is good on the economy that thinks that the ongoing genocide is okay. How can you vote for a man that says its okay for people to kill there own child. Even though he disagrees with it he will allow people to do it. How can you vote for someone who will allow the genocide to continue without standing up and giving the unborn a voice.

In the Words of Dr. Albert Mohler President of Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, "This is a moral conflict that might take a century or more to run its course.Those fighting for the abolition of slavery pressed on against obstacles and set backs worse than these because, after all, these were human lives they were defending. What if they had listened to those who, after Dred Scott and the Missouri Compromise, said that the battle was "permanently" lost? What if they had been intimidated by critics accusing them of "single-issue" voting?

If every single fetus is an unborn child made in the image of God, there is no moral justification for settling for a vague hope of some reduction in the number of fetal homicides. If the abortion fight is "permanently lost," it will be lost first among those who claim to be defenders of life -- those who tell us that the argument is merely changing."

Please think about the abortion issue long and hard. Don't vote Obama because you think its Hopeless because its not. We should fight this issue and tell Washington how we really feel about abortion. A friend of mine posted a link to this amazing website on the truth and effects of Abortion. All the info you need. More than I can give. Please check it out and send it to everyone you know.

Don't forget to VOTE this Tuesday! VOTE for Life, Country, Freedom, Family, Prosperity! VOTE McCAIN!

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