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Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen MOVIE REVIEW

Where do I even begin? I love Transformers I grew up on Transformers. One of My favorite memories in life was getting up really early to see my dad before he went to work and we would watch the reruns of Transformers before he went to work. So when I see Transformers I think of my father and I guess that’s why my favorite character growing up was Optimus Prime a heroic wise fatherly like character and it always reminded me of my father. Now I thought the first movie was amazing! The moment that I seen the trailer for the second Transformers movie I was really pumped! But in the past few weeks I have been reading review after review. Many people who I call “BayHaters” (people who hate the director Michael Bay) Which is weird that I find so many people hate Michael Bay. I love Michael Bay. Pearl Harbor was awesome, The Island was awesome. I really enjoyed his movies. Anyways Many “BayHaters” were on the web bashing this movie and Michael Bay to the point you would think he was a terrorist.

But I kind of fell for it. My expectations for the movie were greatly lowered. So I went into the movie with mixed thoughts. Honestly I would pay 10 bucks just to see Optimus Prime kick but for 3 hours. But I had to remind myself that Transformers is not suppose to be a thought provoking, world changing movie that is suppose to make you think. Transformers always had the simple concept of Good vs. Evil. Robots who can change into cars. It isn’t something that is going to be thought provoking or life changing. Simply it is not “The Dark Knight” it is not “Gladiator” it’s not “Star Wars” or “Saving Private Ryan.” It is giant robots……. Some good, some evil. Evil wants to destroy earth, good wants to protect it now let’s fight for 3 hours with the themes of Heroism and bravery. That’s Transformers, nothing more nothing less.

Now with that in mind Transformers 2 delivers! Is it perfect? No! But it delivers. I have never seen so many things blow up in this movie let alone in the first 15 minutes of the movie. The first 15 minutes of this movie would be the final action scene in other movies. Its’ insane and after that the movie doesn’t give you much time to breath before you are thrust into another epic battle in which more crap gets blown up. I didn’t see this movie in the IMAX but I bet it is insane. It was like every robot and every explosion is thrown in your face all at once. One battle takes place in a forest which is awesome! Best part in the movie! Optimus prime fights Blackout, Star Scream and Megatron all at once. In which Megetron says, “Give me the boy!” Optimus replies, “Sam! Run!” Sam: “Optimus!!!” Optimus turns to face Megatron and pulls out two swords. Optimus, “I will take you all on!”

It was an Epic scene! You could hear a pin drop at the end of the scene and an occasional “Oh $#*t!”

Now I will talk about the plot. Don’t worry I won’t spoil it for you. You have to see it for yourselves. I will just give you vague details. The plot was pretty good, it was what you would expect from a cartoon toy/ franchise. But it gets kind of confusing. In the beginning you don’t really know what the movie is about. Cube shards? The matrix? The key that turns into sand? The Fallen? Optimus Prime? Jetfire? The sun exploding? Which I am sure they are all connected but “ Hey!” I watched the midnight showing so I was tired and my brain can’t process or function well that late at night so it will become more clear when I watch it again later this week.

As for the character’s and character development. Problem is that you are introduced to so many transformers mostly Transformers who don’t make it alive in the very scene they are introduced. They should have cut out a lot of unimportant characters and spent more time building up the main characters. As for Sam he is good, what else is there to say about him. Megan Fox is as beautiful as ever. Her acting is a lot better. Bumble Bee is awesome. He still the same loyal body guard to Sam, even though Sam rejects him at times. Oh! And Bumble Bee rips apart some Decepticons in an awesome manor! ;) . Iron Hide has one cool scene after that he isn’t involved much. We are also introduced to a old grumpy Transformer with a Australian accent named Jetfire. He is pretty cool but they should have introduced him earlier on in the film to build up his character. Now when it comes to the AutoBots they introduce the Twins. Two Transformer brothers that act very ghetto and gangsta. Funny at first but gets annoying and you just wish they would die. They are the Jar Jar Binks of Transformers. But don’t worry it doesn’t ruin the movie. Megatron is awesome! His character develops more along with star scream. As for the Fallen....... he is under used. He plays more of a Emperor Palpatine part from Star Wars until the end of the movie. Oh and I forgot “Devastator!” Imagine a bunch of transformers combining to create a giant Godzilla sized monster! Awesome! Towards the end the audience cheers at the site of the return of a heroic Autobot and then a huge 40 minute battle happens to conclude the movie. Yes you heard me right! A 40 minute long battle at the end, I counted the time.

In conclusion this movie isn’t perfect but it’s still a dang good time and worth every buck. Check most of your brain at the door and just enjoy the firework show. You will be blown away by the effects. Its like nothing I have ever seen. Ignore the “Bay Haters” and enjoy.

THE GOOD: Lets face it! Optimus Prime kicks major butt in this movie. He is a B A! Every time he is on screen it is just awesome! Effects are the best out there, ILM over did their self. Megan Fox is beautiful! Sam’s parents are sooooo funny! Action! Lots of Acton in this movie!

THE BAD: Let’s face it. If I was the director I would make some changes. First the twin robots would have been cut out. I would have spent more time on the main robots and less on the 40 other robots which at the most only said one word. I would have also cut at the most 20 to 30 minutes out of the movie. There were a couple of pointless scenes in this movie.

THE UGLY: A hot girl who comes onto Sam in college but turns out to be a creepy female robot. Strange and weird, could have been done better or should have been cut out of the movie. It was ugly. It’s like………k………???? Oh and we get it! Why do you have to show to random shots of Sam’s two dogs humping each other. Seriously are we in middle school. Other than that the movie is pretty dang good.

I will give this movie 8 out of 10 stars!

Star Trek is still the best movie of the summer.

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