Sunday, July 5, 2009

Obama's Endless Supply of Czars

I want to share something with you that’s been under the radar lately in the news and it is very concerning. President Obama and congressional Democrats are hysterically pushing their extreme agenda in an effort to destroy capitalism and to lead us into a socialist like state. Sounds like an extreme thought but there are a lot of reasons why we going down the socialist rout but I’m going to talk about something that is a little less obvious than the government taking over car industries, banks , energy and soon healthcare. This is something that you may have heard mentioned in the news without there being much detail. What I am going to talk about is Obama and all his Czars. President Obama has I think 21 Czars, it’s hard to keep it straight because it seems he keeps adding more Czars by the day. His website should have a 24 hour Czar Updater to make it a little easier for the public because we all know how Obama wants to be transparent……Cough

Anyway, President Obama has roughly 21 Czars according to I can’t find a exact list of all the Czars and who they are but I know there is a Car Czar, Terrorism Czar, Energy Czar, Weapons Czar, Technology Czar, Great Lakes Czar, Health Czar, Stimulus Accountability Czar, Faith-based Czar, Drug Czar, Climate Czar, Economic Czar. Basically there is a Czar for everything. McCain’s twittered about all of Obama’s czars: “Obama has more czars than the Romanovs.” For those of you may be confused and are wondering, “What is a Czar? What is their job? What isthe big deal?”

Merriam Webster’s Dictionary says that a Czar comes from Russia Tsar’, Meaning:

1.) Emperor, King, a chief, specifically: the ruler of Russia until the 1917 revolution.

2.) One having great power or authority.

Now before you say, “A lot of Presidents have had Czars” Let me respond by saying many Presidents did have czars. Just because a Republican president or Democrat President had Czars doesn’t mean I think it is alright, I don’t always agree with the Republican Party. Roosevelt was actually the first president to use Czars in his administration, at the time they were called Dictators. These Dictators were in place to regulate certain parts of commerce, kind of like what Obama is doing. Nixon used Czars as well but calling them “Dictators” would be a bad political move, so he named them Czars. They have been used by a few presidents since, rarely because of the power they hold.

The problem is that President Obama has more Czars’ than any other president, and there is really no end to his Czar’s in sight. By the time this post is aired on my blog Obama could have appointed another Czar.

See a lot of people think Obama is stupid and doesn’t know what he is doing. I happen to strongly disagree. I think the man is a genius! He was able to raise the national debt more than bush ever did in just a few months. He also managed to kill more jobs and take control of anything he can get is hands on in just a short amount of time. He is a genius! He knows exactly what he is doing. When he said during the elections that he wanted to “CHANGE” the country he knew how he wanted to change it. Obama wanted the power to be given to him and not the people and these Czars show how power hungry he is.

The thing people don’t know about Czar's is that they administer with freedom from penalty. They can make whatever policies the president wants and blow completely under the radar. They are accountable to nobody, except the President. Czars are not elected officials, they are picked by the President and they do his bidding without accountability or transparency even though Obama said he wants transparency in the white house. Czar's don't even have to go through Senate confirmation hearings, they are just appointed, which helps Obama make swift quick policies while under the radar with nobody telling him what to do. The major issue is that the President has wrongly appointed a bunch of Czars outside the bounds of the United States Constitution to create and put into action his own policy which does away the system of ‘checks and balances’(separation of powers) Something our founding fathers set in place.

President Obama is acting outside the Constitution which is funny because Obama thinks he is as a constitutional specialist. Factcheck, affirms he stated, “I was a constitutional law professor, which means unlike the current president I actually respect the Constitution”. Ha! So Obama “respects” the constitution but doesn’t follow it. Either his definition of respect could be different or he was reading some other countries constitution and just got confused. This isn’t the first time he has ignored our Constitution. You remember when he forcefully made the CEO of GM, which is a private company, resign. Remember how he ordered Chrysler to go into bankruptcy, which has total disregard to United States bankruptcy laws that valuate the status of unions over secured debt-holders, which violates the rule of law.

It’s amazing this guy and many politicians are still in office. This should outrage the American people knowing we have politicians in office who have disregarded our constitution. Our founding fathers would be very disappointed. We need to be writing letters and be making phone calls to our senators and congressmen. Get involved in the tea party protests. American people must be heard before things get worse.

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I couldn't agree more. I see a revolution on the horizon.