Friday, February 22, 2008

Poll Reveals That Nearly Half of Christian Voters Support Pro-Choice Presidential Candidates

What is being described as a stunning new poll from shows that 43.9% of Christian voters are throwing their support behind the two leading pro-choice Democratic candidates in the 2008 presidential race. polling results show Democratic candidates Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton gaining strong support from the Christian community in the upcoming election, while conservative Republican Mike Huckabee slips in the online poll with only 34.8% support., the website which set the record as the #1 fastest growing website in the U.S. according to ComScore during its first official launch month, is now the leading source of nationwide Christian polling as it conducts an ongoing election poll for the 2008 presidential race. Since announced its online election poll (, more than 48,000 Christians in total have responded in support of their favored candidate.

The most surprising results have come in support of Democratic candidates Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton holding a combined 43.9% of the votes -- as compared to Republican candidate Mike Huckabee who is drawing support from only 34.7% of the evangelical Christians participating in the poll.

"From our poll, it's clear the candidate's platforms and political issues are weighing heavily on Christian voters in this election," said Chris Wyatt CEO and founder of GodTube. "It appears the Christian vote is still up for grabs, which we've seen in the past can swing an election.

Barack Obama has received a 35% increase in the poll since January 27, 2008 giving him 24.3% of the votes. Hillary Clinton has received a huge 78% increase giving her 19.6% of the votes. is uniquely positioned to reach the Christian community with more than 2.5 million monthly visitors and over 250,000 registered Christian users, including 25,000 churches. Utilizing internet survey techniques to ensure fairness and only including the leading primary candidates, allows concerned Christians to have a voice on important issues, such as abortion, the war in Iraq, and the economy. continues to expand the online poll by adding key campaign issue questions and social networking pages for each major candidate, including video clips and content submitted by users and the candidates themselves. These candidate pages provide user and candidate feedback, and provide exclusive election material on an ongoing basis.

With religion at the forefront of this presidential election, is working to engineer a town hall debate comprised of uncommitted Christian voters, pastors and priests addressing a wide range of topics. The details of the town hall debate and a broadcast partner will be announced shortly.

This frustrates me so much! How could a Christian support a candidate who is not for the sanctity of life? How could a Christian ignore the murder of millions of innocent lives every year? As a Christian the sanctity of life should be the top issue! If you are a Christian that would vote for a candidate that is against the sanctity of life then shame on you! And if I sound to harsh than set down and get over it! I was born with a disability and my parents knew it when I was was in the whom! What if they decided to abort me in the early stages because they felt that I wouldn't want to live a life of a cripple. I tell you now, if my parents had even contemplated aborting me I would slap them in the face! God has used me in amazing ways to bring others to Him with my testimony. Imagine how many bright people we are killing off. People that God could use for his glory.

Think about it!

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