Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Everyone's Favorite Whip-cracking archaeologist is back!

It's been 19 years since Indiana Jones donned his weather beaten fedora and now he is back for another adventure! But was it worth the $8.00 ticket price? My answer is YES!

I was lucky to have enough gas to make it to the theater to see the new Indiana Jones movie. First I would like to say that I am a huge Indiana Jones fan. I grew up watching them with my dad, so they have a special place in my heart. When I first heard they were going to make another Indiana Jones movie, I was excited! But! I didn't have high expectations for this movie like a lot of people did which they ended up coming out of the theater disappointed. I didn't have high expectations for this movie because there is no way you can beat the original movies! You just can't. Therefore you can't have high expectations. Same goes for the new star wars movies. I didn't have high expectations because you can't beat the old ones. Not to say the new ones are not good because they are. They are just not as good as the originals.

Without giving to much away Indy4 begins with The old school looking paramount logo! note: By then I was drooling! Then it cuts to very basic text like the old movies which was awesome! The camera follows these group of teenagers in a 0ld fashioned car flying down the desert goofing off with Elvis's You ain't nothing but a hound dog blazing in the background! By then I had a big smile on my face because I am glade that they gave this movie the old school feel that the other movies had.

I also love how they introduce Dr. Jones! A convoy of KGB vehicles breaks into Area 51. You find that they have Dr. Indy held captive in a car. They toss him out of the car but the only thing you see is his fedora in the dirt. You see Indy's shadow rise up, and grab the fedora slowly. Thats when the very familiar John Williams score starts when he puts the fedora on! I was hooked and felt like a kid again. Then from there we are thrown into a huge action scene when Dr. Jones is suppose to find this mysterious skull in a hanger full of boxes similar to the last scene of Raiders of the Lost Ark. By then you know what the skull is! Big hint they are in area 51! The beginning of the movie continues from one action scene to another ending with Indy surviving a nuclear blast! Some felt it was to over the top! Which yes it was but it was over the top Indy style and it showed that Indy was still the man!

The middle is alright, not as much action, it spends time going more in depth with the story. The last half had a lot of action. an amazing chase through the jungle, but it had to much special effects for a Indy Film in my opinion. The last few scenes were so, so, It's a Indy movie. Every Indy movie had the same kind of conclusion dealing with the villains.

Character wise Shia Labeof was really good at playing the greaser Mutt. Karen Allen was good returning as Marion even though she wasn't in the movie till the last half. Kate Blanchett was alright at playing the villian. Not the best villain in the Indy series. And of course Harrison Ford is the Man! I forgot he was in his 60's as I was watching this movie.

The Good: The Acting, the Action, the nuclear bomb effect was awesome! And The story

The Bad: Even though the story is good I think they could have picked a better artifact to go with in the world of Archeology. But I guess old George Lucas has to get his say so in. Oh and the movie had to many special effects!

The Ugly: The Special effects were so, so. But I think they purposly went that way. I remember reading a article were Speilburg wanted to make the effects not as great to give it the feel of the original movies. Um lets see, Oh Yah! Mutt swinging with the monkeys was soooo laughable. It was what I call a Jar Jar binks moment. And lastly it felt as if Speilburg wrote three fourths of the movie and George freaking Lucas came in and added his idea to the second to the last scene.

Over All: It was a good action packed movie worth the money. It's not an Oscar winner or the second coming like a lot of people thought! But come on everyone! It was an Indiana Jones film! Cheesy unrealistic action+funny characters+an okay plot+Harrison Ford = Indiana Jones! And thats what Indiana Jones is. It was good! It Just wasn't as good as the original ones. But thats okay because I didn't think it would be.

Overall Rating: 8 out of 10

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