Sunday, June 1, 2008

Reasons why we should not Abandon the Mission in Iraq.

It seems that the War in Iraq has been one of the hot topics between the Political Candidates. Should We Stay? Should We Go? Was this war just to begin with? Well I am going to give you 10 reasons as to why we should stay and not abandon the mission.

Reason 1:

We have already put many resources into Iraq. This war has cost us alot, so why not see a return in this investment.

Reason 2:

If we pull out before we can secure Iraq what do think is going happen? Total chaos, the conquest of South Vietnam will not compare to what will happen to Iraq with the excitations, warlords, and just everything going to hell. you think the civilian casualty rate is bad now? It will be nothing compared to what will happen if we pull out now. the level of bloodshed and horror will rival the massacres of Darfur. We then would have to return back to Iraq to face a deadlier enemy than today.

Reason 3:

We are making progress in this war. The U.S army is getting more bold with its operations. The troop surge and the awaking movement made by some Sunni tribes has pushed down attacks, and we are forcing the terrorists to make more drastic action. A example would be using mentally disabled people in suicide attacks.

Reason 4:

the Iraq government and military are shaping up. The Iraq prime ministers recent stance against the militias has shown growing confidence

Reason 5:

It is just the right thing to do. Many Iraqis are counting on us. We owe it to the Iraqi citizens to finish what we started and not abandon them. We have a legal responsibility under the Fourth Geneva convention. The consequences of just quitting and pulling our troops out are unacceptable.

Reason 6:

We would lose the respect of our friends (those friends who see radical Islam as a threat as well as those around the world who do but are afraid to speak up for fear of murder or political correctness and we would lose the respect of our enemies. They would see us as being weak.

Reason 7:

Broken promises. The reason the Iraqis have been so fearful of supporting the US efforts, is because we have a history of breaking promises with countries and governments we have pledged to support. If we pull out, we are breaking our promises made to the bulk of the Iraqi citizens. The more we break our promises, the less credibility we will have, and the more we will become the image of the Ugly American and be more hated than ever.

Reason 8:

Terrorists will make maximum advantage of the propaganda value of our "defeat". And yes, it will be viewed as defeat. What else could we call it? More men and children will be recruited in the name of Allah. A base of operations will be forever secured by Islam extremists. We will be in for the worst era of Hell that we have ever faced. The chance of Iraq coming to its senses may not be 100% if we stay, but the chance of it becoming a decent place to live if we leave is 0%.

Reason 9:

Pulling out of Iraq would also reward the liberal media, giving it power that it does not deserve. The media is the influences of opinion, but they do not fairly represent the values of the majority of the American people. The media are by their own admission left-leaning.

Reason 10:

Lets face it! EVERYONE agreed that Saddam Hussein’s government should be toppled. Whether or not they had a nuclear programs is still academic. Although it appears that they did not have nukes, the were saying they did, destabilizing and bullying their neighbors. They also most certainly had a dangerous contingent of chemical and biological weapons; The only reason plausible that they were not used on us is that we would have probably nuked the country into oblivion. Deterrence by a position of strength. The USA under mandate by the a dozen broken UN resolutions by Iraq already gave us all the world-legal reasons to invade. Now, for political divisiveness, to help manipulate public opinion, politicians in Washington are reversing their positions to help throw the elections in their favor. They keep saying the last election gave them a mandate to "get out of Iraq". I don't understand. I don't believe the American people are chicken-hearted, short-thinking pansy’s , who are incapable of supporting professional troops who have chosen the honor of fighting for freedom and even dying if necessary. Why would you join the armed forces voluntarily, knowing that its purpose is to make war, if you hadn't first considered your own mortality?

After you read these 10 reasons as to why we should stay in Iraq I want you to think if it was your country? what if America was Iraq... what if we didn’t have the freedoms to do what we do everyday….what if our children were exploited and our family members killed because they didn’t agree... wouldn’t you want someone to come and help you? And if they did come and help you.... think of how you would feel if they just got up and left and everything went back to the way it was like they were never there in the first place...wouldn’t you feel the next time someone thinks that the war is pointless and idiotic just imagine if you weren’t one of the lucky American citizens in this world but you were one of them. Just imagine if you were waiting for a hero but then your hero decided your life just wasn’t worth it......

God Bless!


LexiLou said...

It's great to see us young adults making sensible decisions on the actions our country should take! Thanks for your post..I'm actually writing a paper for my English class on why we should stay in the Middle East...your SoapBox was a huge help! Thanks again and may GOD bless you in countless ways :}

Anonymous said...

i have a debate on this and just wanted you to know that this has been a massive help
cheers mate

Anonymous said...

you have presented so many awesome reasons to stay in Iraq!! I have never thought of the war in this light before. I am writing a paper on staying in Iraq and you have been a great help! thank you so much!!