Friday, January 18, 2008

Cloverfield In Review

The Highly anticipated film Cloverfield came out in theaters today. I remember seeing the first trailer of this movie during a screening of Transformers back in the summer, I was hooked. I thought it was a trailer for another Godzilla movie so I did a lot of researching on the web to find out that it wasn't another Godzilla movie but I a different kind of monster. I soon found myself interested in all the viral campaigns on the web.

Well I got to see the movie today and I was going to the theater hoping it would live up to all the hype. And it did! For those of who didn't know, this movie is captured all on a handycam to give it the feel that you are actually there like the Blair Witch Project. The first 30 minutes is about a bunch of 20 sum year olds putting together a going away party for there friend who got a job in Japan. Things are going well for the main characters. One of the main characters is making a documentary of this goodbye party until Hell crawls up out of the ocean to create havoc, hurling the head of the statue of liberty into the city. At that point things couldn't get any worse for the main characters but a bunch of surprised unforeseen things happen to them. You are thrown in to the mess by following these young adults in there efforts to rescue a friend and survive the elements.

I love how this movie is from a cameras point of view. You go into the movie not knowing whats going on and it ends with you not knowing whats going on. It opens it up for endless possibility's. (A.K.A) Another movie. I know some people did not like the ending, but I did. It sets it up for another film. I wont go into to much detail about the characters and go ruin the ending but, New becomes a war zone and is practically destroyed. "ITS ALIVE, ITS HUGE!" They will make another one, I have no doubts about that, I think even the director wanted to make it a movie series like Godzilla. The question is will it be filmed with a handy cam or will it be from cinematic point of view that explains in more detail.....Until then I will be spending more time on the web to see what happens next.

Pros & Cons:

1. Effects: Good!

2. Intense! : You will have a headache after viewing this movie.

3.Characters and acting: Great! Very believable.

4. What is the monster? Were did it come from? I would be rich If I knew that.

5. I still don't know Why its called Cloverfield? I don't know maybe its the organization that made the thing by mistake. Who knows, this movie could get complex like the other projects Abram has made Such as the hit show LOST.

9 out 0f 10 stars.

The MONSTER: Below is a description of the Monster, if you don't want to know don't look below. What is this monster? Without ruining the movie for you the Monster is translucent Its body is a Pray mantis body with an extra two small t-rex looking arms on the side of its belly, long tail and a head that looks like a flat faced alligator, sharp teath, small black eyes.

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