Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Stupid Voters

People make me sooooo mad when it comes to voting. I was watching the evening news when they were talking about the New Hampshire primary and they were talking to undecided voters who were about to vote. All of them had stupid reasons as to who they are voting for. One of the many people said, "I didn't want to look back ten years later and say I didn't vote for a female president." That is absurd! What happen to voting for someone who you think can run this and represent this country to the best of there ability instead of looking at there race or sex! It makes me furious! We have to many important issues going on in todays world, illegal immigration, War on terror, Economy, Abortion, gas prices and the protection of the constitution. . . Think about it people! Do your homework on the candidates don't just randomly pick someone without knowing what there positions are. Stupid! Stupid! Stupid Voters!

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