Saturday, January 5, 2008

Lack of Respect!

The players are ready to blow up after being treated by the national media with a lack of respect. There is a true feeling that no one is giving them a chance in the game.

Coach Jim Tressel gave the players a DVD to take home over the holiday break. The DVD contains clips from the national media beating up on Ohio State. Offensive lineman Alex Boone said that he's tired of hearing that the Buckeyes don't have a chance in the game. Running back Beanie Wells said that he's tired of hearing the team is too slow - not physical enough - they can't do this or that. .

it happened in the basement of her Lakewood, Ohio, home while she was folding clothes. Boone had come home for Christmas break and had brought with him the DVD.

"Nana, you got to see this,'' he said.

So they walked down to the basement, turned on the big-screen TV, and inserted the disc into the DVD player. It didn't take long for Sulzer to quit folding shirts and start wiping away tears.

Boone doesn't have the lowlights DVD anymore. He threw it out. But before he left Sulzer's house that day he made a promise to her.

"Nana, it's going to be a different story this time, you watch,'' he said. "Don't worry.''

Watch out LSU u are going be played a pissed of Ohio State looking for redemption from our last SEC game with the dreaded team down south called Florida! I will post my thoughts on why I think Ohio State will win once I type it up.

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